Xenteq Charger LBC 512-10S


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Microprocessor-controlled universal HF charging device in a compact enclosure. Suitable for LiFePO4/LiFeYPO4 Li-Ion, as well as AGM, gel and wet batteries. Safe, fast and yet gentle charging with automatic soft start function. Enjoy a battery always charged entirely as long connected to the charger, as the restart function automatically starts the recharge process as soon as the battery voltage is dropping. Thanks to the automatic wake-up function, batteries with a battery management system in ‘sleep mode’ are reactivated without any problems. The 6 LEDs allow an easy indication of charging and operating condition as well as error messages. Equipped with temperature control sensor input. Suitable for: LiFePO4, wet, gel, AGM, AGM², power supply 13.5 V LiFePO4 mode: 14.4 V, automatic restart at voltage < 13.3 V Automatic wake up function: automatic wake-up of deep-discharge batteries Charging periods: pre-charge, soft start and constant current Charging current monitor/safety timer: to end CV phase. Auto-restart: after voltage drop Passively cooled, silent Power-supply mode: 13.5 V Scope of Delivery: charger, manual, clamps, M8 cable lugs.


Type: Xenteq LBC 512-10S
Voltage: 12 V
Power Consumption: 160 W
Current: 10 A
Safety Class: IP25
Dimensions (W x D x H): 20.4 × 13.3 × 5.9 cm
Pack Size: 26.5 × 20.5 × 7 cm
Weight: 1 kg