Switching System for Sinus Wave Inverter MT NU 3600


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Intelligent motorhome priority switching with very high switching capacity. Suitable for all Sinus Wave Inverters that don’t have an integrated switching system and those that would overload because of connected devices. The switching system ensures that the interior power outlets always have the optimal voltage supply of 230 V. This happens either through shore power, when it is charged at a camping site, or independently through an inverter. Additionally, a 230 V output can be unlocked. Accessible through Battery Computer MT 5000 iQ or any desired 12 V control signal. Therefore, if there is a power surplus(e.g. solar), an E-bike charger can be activated on board even without a grid connection, as it will be charged through the inverter. If the charging capacity is sufficient, the interior air conditioning may be used while driving. The following connection options are available: Input Mains/shore power Input inverter Output for charger and refrigerator, etc. Output to interior power outlets Output 230 V when activated 12 V Signal output for operating status


Type: MT-NU 3600
Voltage: 230 V
Current: 16 A
Safety Class: IP55
Dimensions (W x D x H): 160 × 77 × 145 mm
Weight: 0.5 kg