Regulator Hose Set


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To connect to gas tanks, to run gas grills with a gas cartridge connection. Medium-pressure regulator type M50-F/SBS, 2.0 bar, 2 kg/h with 35° outlet and integrated hose rupture protection SBS with manual opening, locking the gas flow if the hose is damaged Medium-pressure hose (rubber with textile insert, cold-resistant up to -30°C, hose dimensions 6.3 x 3.5 mm) G 3/8 LH-ÜM x plug-in coupling SKU Connecting piece with brass nipple STN for easy unplugging of the hose line on one side, AG 7/16-28 UNEF or AG 1-20 UNEF to connect to the gas device on the other Thanks to a special mechanism, the plug-in is manipulation-safe- unlocking is only possible with the brass nipple STN Note: At the gas unit, a low-pressure regulator is required for gas cartridges with connection thread IG 7/16-28 UNEF in accordance with EN 417 or IG 1-20 UNEF.


Type: KLF x AG Gas-Kart. 1200 mm
Colour: black, orange
for: Gaskartuschen-Grillgeräte
Content: 1 piece
Weight: 750 g