MT Flat Light Solar Panel


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The solar panel by Büttner Elektronik has been particularly developed for elevation and high roofs of campervans, vans, camping buses, or as a walk-on version at your motorhome’s roof. Thanks to the square construction, it is possible to run consumers such as compressor fridges and/ or inverters self-sufficiently. despite the limited space and battery capacity available. When adhering the panel to high roofs, it is possible to lead the connection cable inside the panel downward at the middle. Despite that, an ultra-flat roof cable routing is included in delivery. For this 42-cell high-performance panel, an MPP solar regulator is obligatory.


Type: MT-SM 150 FLQ
Daily Output (Wh): 600
Nominal Capacity (Wp): 150
Short Circuit Current (A): 6.3
Dimensions (L x W): 980 × 980 mm
Weight: 4.9 kg