MT Charge Boosters 24 V to 12 V


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The ideal charging of 12 V on-board batteries for vehicles with a 24 V system. More economical than a second dynamo and additionally, providing an ideal IU0U charge for vehicles with a modern dynamo control. The usage of a battery cut-off relay is unnecessary. Starting the vehicle, the loading booster starts its power provision. The booster is available with two different power outputs (25 A and 45 A). In order to reach full charge, the charging voltage, which is set up by the battery manufacturer, is adequatelly adapted.Latest charging technology for high loading capacity, even on short routes.Full charge during longer journeys is guaranteed by the IUOU charge while overcharging is impossible.All MT charge boosters are equipped with a selector switch (gel, AGM, LiFeP04, liquid acid) and a sensor for the battery’s temperature. The control unit is detachable and can be installed as a remote control inside the caravan.