Low Pressure Regulator with Manometer


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For connecting to gas bottles, specially designed for gas grills.Pressure relief safety device S2SR (excess pressure protection) to protect your devices from building up impermissibly high pressureVisual display (green / red) with visual signal (red) for initial pressure levels exceeding 80 mbarExtended inlet nozzle for effortless installation, e.g. to BBQ gas bottles with a collarVersion with manometer for leak testing, e.g. after exchanging the bottleEC type examination in accordance with DGRConformity: KLF x G 1/4 LH-KN


Type: EN61-DS
variant: straight, with pressure gauge
ø Gas Consumption (at 25°C): 1.5 kg/h
Operating Pressure: 50 mbar
Colour: black
Consumption: 1500 g/h
Weight: 500 g