Low Pressure Regulator Type EN61


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TYPE EN61 1 kg/h PS 16 barTo connect as bottles or for gas containers permanently installed to the vehicle, for pressure regulation of the nominal pressure of the gas device. Connection: GF x plug-connection/ RVS 8; 50 mbar; 1 kg/h.Consists of: low pressure regulator, gas leak security shut-off device PRV, toggle valve, plug-in coupling SKU with shut-off valve for the emergency supply.Advantages and equipment: vent plug, preventing entering of moisture, e.g. rain water, inside the regulators interior, too.Certification: EC type tested according DGRTechnical data: material: different interior parts: stainless steel, casing: chromedNotification for the application for low-pressure regulators in caravansAccording to DVGW G607 „LNG facilities in inhabited recreational vehicles and for accommodation purposes in other road vehicles – operation and testing,“ pressure regulators must be replaced after a maximum of 10 years after the noted manufacturing date.If the operating pressure of the system is 30 mbar, the ‘old’ regulator has to be replaced by a DIN EN 12864 regulator. For liquid gas systems in vehicles with an operating pressure of 50 mbar, a grandfathering clause prevails.A retrofitting to 30 mbar is not obligatory.


Type: TYP EN61 1 kg/h PS 16 bar
Packaging: self-service
Operating Pressure: 50 mbar
Weight: 583 g