Lithium Cold Weather Battery



Cold Weather LithiumThe lithium iron phosphate batteries of the LT series are powerful cold weather batteries that can be charged in temperatures of down to -20 °C. How?The system is equipped with an internal control unit which draws its power from the charger/solar regulator/alternator itself and initially operates the internal heating if the cell temperature is below 0 °C. The system is equipped with a battery charger, solar regulator or alternator. Only at +5 °C the charging current is passed on to the cells. No additional components are required. The entire heating and charging process is seamless.Simply connect the battery to the normal charger and the internal heating and monitoring system does the rest.The RB100-LT is an ideal choice for use in mobile homes, off-grid solar and electric vehicles, and for all applications where charging at very low temperatures is required.


Type: RB100-LT 12V 100ah LiFePO4 Battery
Capacity: 100 Ah
Voltage: 12,8 V
Dimensions (W x D x H): 172 × 329 × 223 mm
Pack Size: 17.2 × 32.9 × 22.3 cm
Weight: 13.6 kg




H261: In contact with water releases flammable gas
H317: May cause an allergic skin reaction
H335: May cause respiratory irritation
H351: Suspected of causing cancer
H370: Causes damage to organs
H372: Causes damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure
H413: May cause long lasting harmful effects to aquatic life