LED Dual Panel Lantern



The LED Dual Panel Lantern persuades with its flexibility. With the magnets at the back, you can attach the light panels to every metal surface. Thanks to the 2-in-1 combination, your can use the lantern as a light panel, or vertically as a flashlight. Detachable panels, which recharge at their basis USB connection, e.g. to charge your smartphone Unbreakable Lumens lantern: 400/40, panel: 100/25, flashlight: 100 Beam distance lantern: 13/6, panel: 13/6, flashlight: 40 Runtime lantern: 20/200, panel: 3/14, flashlight: 3 Battery 4 D not included.


LED: ✓
Lumen: 400 lm
Safety Class: IPX 4
Dimensions (W x D x H): 120 × 120 × 190 mm
Pack Size: 135 × 135 × 200 mm
Weight: 620 g