Infrared Gas Heater Vulkana




In the Vulkana infrared heater, a perforated ceramic combustion field acts as a catalyst. Behind this catalyst is a metal reflector that throws the heat of combustion to the front. The Advantage: The infrared heater can heat up a particular area of a room in no time thanks to 4200 W. The heat is transferred by thermal radiation, which makes this version a more pleasant heating option for allergy sufferers as no house dust is blown up by air circulation. Oxygen deficiency protection3-step regulation (1.4 – 4.2 kW)Piezo ignition4 wheels for individual positioningOperation with small propane bottles 2,5 – 11 kgHose included


Safety Pilot: ✓
Fuel: Gas
Power Consumption: 4.2 kW
Operating Pressure: 50 mbar
Energy Efficiency: A
Colour: black
Ignition System: Piezo
Consumption: 310 g/h
Dimensions (W x D x H): 41 × 45 × 72.5 cm
Pack Size: 46 × 41 × 75 cm
Weight: 8.2 kg