Euro-Set D G12 Professional


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The small companion on your extensive journey throughout Europe. The suitcase contains everything you need to connect a pressure regulator with G.12 to the gas bottles commonly used on the European market and can be stored ready to hand inside your vehicle. Only one tool with three different, interchangeable inserts, fitting European bottle connectors.D 1: Italy, Switzerland (AG KLF x AG M10 x 1)D 2: Greece, Italy, Austria and Slovenia (AG KLF x IG ital. A)D 3:  England, Finnland, Iceland, Norway, Portugal and Sweden (AG KLF x AG Primus)D 4: Belgium, England, France, Ireland, Croatia, Lettland, Luxemburg, Mazedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Czech Republic (AG KLF x IG W21.8 x a/14 LH)Consists of: EuroTool in a tool kit with 3 interchangeable inserts and transition flanges 1 to 4 of the Euro Set D


Dimensions (W x D x H): 157 × 52 × 150 mm
Pack Size: 230 × 55 × 290 mm
Weight: 404 g