EasyFresh Bag Closures



EasyFresh bag closures – the perfect, space-saving companions with versatile application possibilities. They enable an air- and aroma-sealed closing of bags, keeping the content fresh, sealing its odour, taste, and aroma inside the bag. With the help of the closures, opened bags can be stores space-saving and orderly and the closures can simply be placed into the cutlery drawer. Also freezing is possible with the EasyFresh as is sealing liquids, such as soups or sauces drip-free. EasyFresh closures can be stored very easily and space-saving by placing them into the cutlery drawer. 10-piece set: 2 x 12 cm, 3 x 18.5 cm, 3 x 22.5 cm, 2 x 28.5 cm.


Set: 10 pieces
Pack Size: 13 × 1 × 32 cm
Weight: 98 g