Camping BeepEgg



We all like travelling, don’t we? Some like the mountains, others the sea and even the own balcony can be appealing on mornings on which you don’t have to work. No matter where, breakfast has to be celebrated while you’re on vacation letting go of the stress of your everyday life.Well, one thing you then definitely don’t want is missing out on the amenities you enjoy at home, such as a perfectly boiled egg for breakfast. To never again ruin your eggs, whether you are in the mountains or at the sea (the BeepEgg works equally well in all heights), the Camping BeepEgg has been invented.The BeepEgg comes in the perfect camping design, with melodies creating or enhancing your wanderlust. Whether you are an extreme mountain climber at his base camp or permanent camper in a your ripped-shirt uniform: Simply boil the BeepEgg together with the real eggs and let them boil until the pot sings the right melody, hold them unter cold water and then enjoy your perfectly boiled, real eggs.’Morgenstimmung’ for perfect, soft-boiled eggs’Hit the road jack’ for perfect, medium-boiled eggs’Don’t worry be happy’ for perfect, hard-boiled eggsThanks to its thermal principle, your eggs are always boiled perfectly with BeepEgg- no matter which height you are in, whether you are to boil eggs only for you or your whole family, whether you start in cold or boiling water. Have lots of fun during your vacation, planning your next one or the ‘simple’ breakfast at home. With BeepEgg, you can take perfectly boiled eggs for granted!


Content: 1 piece
Dimensions (W x D x H): 4.9 × 4.9 × 5.5 cm
Pack Size: 5.6 × 5.3 × 9 cm
Weight: 30 g