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Cadillock Smart – Prevent Battery Failures via AppCadillock Smart prevents vehicle breakdowns caused by faulty or drained batteries. It consists of a small transmitter, which is directly connected to the battery, and a free app. Wireless connection via Bluetooth® 4.0. Cadillock Smart monitors the entire power supply of a vehicle and has several functions. Based on a calculation of the drain curve, the app gives an exact indication of the battery quality, which makes it significantly more precise than checking the battery solely based on voltage. It also indicates whether or not the alternator is charging. A precise voltmeter is included. In the event of undervoltage or overvoltage, an acoustic signal tone indicates the danger of an imminent battery malfunction – well in advance before your vehicle breaks down.The app uses four different levels to indicate the battery status, going from 100 % ‘Battery OK’ (Level 1) to ‘Replace Battery’ (Level 4). If you have trouble starting your vehicle, for example, the different levels make it possible to determine if the battery just needs to be charged (Level 3) or if it has to be replaced (Level 4). This reduces costs because you can use the battery until the display indicates that it needs to be replaced. The comprehensive information Cadillock Smart provides (battery status, alternator, regulator) helps you narrow down the possible cause of a battery malfunction, which prevents unnecessary repairs.Suitable for all 6 V, 12 V, and 24 V vehicles (cars, motorcycles, boats, motorhomes, etc.).Cadillock Smart is the easy way to monitor your battery via app.VoltmeterBattery monitoringBattery checkCharging recommendationFunction control of the alternatorWarning signal in case of undervoltageWarning signal in case of overvoltageFree app (Android and iPhone)FeaturesMax. range 15 metresReverse polarity protectionMinimal power consumption: < 2 mWThe app can monitor up to 5 batteriesYou need a Cadillock Smart for each battery you want to monitorHigh protection marking: IP66 casingData updates practically in real time – every 2 secondsSystem requirements: compatible with Android 4.3 and higher, as well as iOS 7 and higher.